The Jitney is Coming to Wildwood and it’s Time We Get Jitneys that Can Go to Multiple Islands

Good news for those that live in Wildwood Crest and want an easier route to Keenan’s to watch the Juliano Brothers perform. The Jitney is debuting a new service with extended routes and has plans to offer late night service some time this summer.

This is the plan per Michael Tanenbaum at PhillyVoice:

The Wildwoods Island Shuttle Service will debut Thursday, May 26 with weekend-only service continuing through Sunday, June 19. Daily service will begin June 20 and run through Labor Day. Weekend-only service will return from Sept. 9 through Oct. 22. 

The shuttles will run the length of the island on a route that begins at Diamond Beach in the south and continues along Atlantic Avenue up to Ocean Avenue in Wildwood Crest. From there, the shuttle will take passengers up to Schellinger Avenue and the Boardwalk. They’ll then continue north on Atlantic Avenue before making a final stop at Morey’s Piers on 26th Street and the Boardwalk. 

The shuttles will run from 5 p.m. through midnight, with on-demand stops made throughout their routes.

A planned late-night route for the North Wildwoods entertainment district eventually will bring shuttle service down Atlantic Avenue to Third and Old New Jersey avenues.

As a guy who used to vacation a little in the Crest, but grew up more going to the OD and Dead Dog in Sea Isle it was insane to me North Wildwood never had Jitney service back to Diamond Beach. After the bars closed it was an Uber free for all. Sea Isle has their Jitneys down to a science. Miss one? Go get a hoagie at Wawa and by the time you get back three more will be lined up outside La Costa ready to take you home.

Club Jitney is sometimes the best part of the night. Just a bunch of drunk people having the time of their lives singing whatever comes on next. Not a care in the world:

Don’t miss your stop though. You don’t want to be staying on 55th and end up in the Inlet and have to walk 20 blocks because you were belting out Piano Man. Sea Isle blocks aren’t forgiving on the sandals you bought from the Hoys 5 and 10.

The next thing I need shore towns to figure out is Inter-Island Traveling. If we can get Jitney Service from Sea Isle to Wildwood now we’re cooking with gas. If you’ve ever had to do the walk from the OD to Avalon you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve ever had to take an Uber from Avalon to Sea Isle or vice-a-versa you know what I’m talking about. I might be in Sea Isle, but I got buddies in Avalon. Maybe I want to mix it up and hit Circle tonight. Now I gotta decide if I want to pay $100 for an Uber or go to Shenanigans again for Disney Happy Hour. With gas the way it is now who knows what we’re in for this year. The first shore town to propose an idea for a Jitney that can travel between islands and back take my money. Elon Musk get on this.

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