The Phillies are Doing a Miles Teller Bobblehead Giveaway at “Top Gun Night”

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The Phillies are giving away 1,500 of these Miles Teller Bobbleheads at “Top Gun Night” on June 1st at Citizens Bank Park:

I have to admit that I had no clue who Miles Teller was. I thought he was the guy who did the album with Slash, but that’s Myle Kennedy. Teller is the actor who plays Rooster in the new Top Gun movie and he’s actually local. He’s from Downingtown. According to the always trustworthy Wikipedia (sarcasm), Teller “lived in Pennsylvania and Delaware before his family moved to Citrus County, Florida, when Teller was twelve.” So technically he is one of us and loves the Phillies, as noted in this article written by Todd Zolecki in 2017: What’s your earliest Phillies memory?

Teller: We were living in Cape May, N.J., for a long time. So just going to the Vet [Veterans Stadium]. My two sisters were Atlanta Braves fans. I think both of my sisters had crushes on Dave Justice. So I just remember going to the Vet. The ’93 team … I can name every player on that roster. Darren Daulton is my favorite player of all time. When we moved to Florida, I remember going to the old Spring Training stadium — Jack Russell. I remember I had a Wolf Pack mask that my grandma [Dorothy] got me from up in Philly. I just remember Randy Wolf being just the nicest guy, chatting with him for a really long time.

The story notes that Teller watched the Phils on MLBTV out of market, so good for him. A real O.G.

FYI you have to be one of the first 1,500 people to buy at this link to get the bobble, so if they run out or you miss the sign up, Crossing Broad cannot be held responsible for false advertising or getting your hopes up or anything like that. If you don’t get the bobble, at least you get to see NL Manager of the Year Gabe Kapler coach circles around Joe Girardi.

Also, a true story here:

The creators of the original Top Gun movie asked Judas Priest if they wanted their song “Reckless” to be the theme for the movie but Priest turned it down because they thought the movie was going to stink (they also would have had to remove it from the Turbo album). What a mistake! A rare L for the typically-infallible Priest, but the song still slaps in 2022:

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