Tom Brady’s TV Deal is Worth More than Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Combined

Photo credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

You see this Tom Brady number? Holy cow:

This is the craziest part, from the Post story:

After losing Joe Buck and Aikman to ESPN, Fox wanted to make a splash. Buck ($15.5M) and Aikman ($18M) will make a combined $33.5 million. Brady will make $37.5 million per year to team with Kevin Burkhardt.

The funny part, of course, is that Brady is still playing, so FOX doesn’t have a top-pair analyst for this season. Maybe Brady doesn’t even retire until the following season? Who knows. Marchand says Greg Olsen is the leading candidate, which is fine. Olsen’s not bad. Kevin Burkhardt is really good though, definitely think he does a good job.

Brady is gonna be damn good on TV. He’ll be like a more tempered Tony Romo I think. He knows everything there is to know about the game, but always seemed a little more laid back, so I’m super fascinated to see how his apex football knowledge translates to television. Much better than Booger and Tess for sure.

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