Torts Didn’t Have Much to Say About Flyers Interview

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports


Alrighty then!

Could you imagine Torts barking out orders and yelling at the refs from behind the Flyers bench? I have no idea if he’s a decent coach at this point in his career, but at least it would be interesting. We would have #content for Crossing Broad dot com.

Here’s Anthony on Tortorella:

“Torts was long a favorite of some in the organization, and there was a belief internally that he would have been the top target this offseason were it not for the unexpected availability of Barry Trotz. The Flyers were able to interview Torts while waiting for Trotz, and could have potentially been talking to Torts about other roles, if not the head coaching role, if all the chips fell a certain way. I’m not sure Torts wants another gig beside being a head coach again, but if jobs start to fill and he’s not landing one, it might become more palatable. Trotz remains the Flyers top priority at the moment and he will interview with the team this week. The Flyers are really playing this one close to the vest (for once), because GM Chuck Fletcher and his team realize just how important a decision it is not just for the Flyers to turn the franchise around, but for their position as the management team in charge of it.”

People seem to have the same thought about Trotz – why would he come here? Good question. This is not an exciting gig in 2022, but the chance to coach a legacy franchise with a solid fan base is always palatable. If the Flyers get Barry Trotz they immediately become interesting again, and we’d give a lot of credit to Dave Scott and Chuck Fletcher for pulling it off.