According to Philly-based writer Corey Sharp, the Phillies are done with Dollar Dog Nights for the rest of the season. Who in the Phillies do we have to publicly shame to get them to put another DDN on the schedule? DDN’s are an institution. I don’t want an MLB Network Tote Bag or a Johnson Controls Arm Sleeve. I want mystery meat I don’t know what part of the pig it came from for the cheap price of $1. And so does every other Phillies fan:

Philadelphia Phillies fans can eat – especially hot dogs. The Phillies always offer great promotions for their fans. Everybody loves a free bobblehead and t-shirt, but the best promotion might be Dollar Dog Nights.

The first Dollar Dog Night of the 2022 season was on April 26. Over 23,000 fans were in attendance to watch the Phillies play the Colorado Rockies. While doing so, they scarfed down 36,431 hot dogs.

At the next Dollar Dog Night on May 3, Phillies fans topped their performance from the previous week. According to AP’s Dan Gelston, 43,752 hot dogs were devoured.

It was also the last Dollar Dog Night scheduled for the 2022 season. There have been more in years prior. 

80,000 dogs in two games. Even Brandi Love thinks that’s too much meat. Give the people what they want Phillies. This is simple supply and demand economics. Release the dogs! –

The Phillies had three Dollar Dog Nights last season, even though Philadelphia did not allow full capacity crowds at Citizens Bank Park until June 4.

In 2019, the last season with no fan restrictions, the Phillies had four Dollar Dog Nights. In 2018, the Phillies had three Dollar Dog Nights.

This season, the Phillies only had two Dollar Dog Nights scheduled. 

Having only two DDNs done by May when people in Philly don’t even know baseball season has started is a disgrace. We aren’t even on the cusp of Hittin’ Szn yet and the Sixers are still playing. You’re going to have 20,000 fans show up for a Monday Marlins game in June when it could be 35,000 if you promised quality meat at low, low prices. You can justify the $16 beers and a hooker when you know you can eat a full dinner for $5. Everybody wins:

Don’t let performances like these go to waste: