Carson Wentz got his first reps with the Commies Tuesday in OTAs. It was also the first time reporters could get a look at Commie Carson in person. In one hour they were able to ride the entire Carson Wentz Experience. It’s like the Michael Vick experience from that Powerade commercial except it’s expensive and breaks down all the time:

Dude is tall:

Confirmed Tall!

Dude has a cannon for a right arm:


Dude throws a quality deep ball:

Never seen a one-on-one he didn’t like.

Dude just tossed an INT:

Sometimes with both hands! –

To be honest with you, that’s the first time I watched Carson Wentz highlights in like two years. I forgot how easily the ball spun off his hand. But every time he makes a play that makes your jaw drop he makes a play that makes your jaw drop. At least Commie fans are getting it out of the way on Day 1.