We’ve got Lakers Coaching Rumors and a Doc Rivers Nugget from Some NBA Guy

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Doc Rivers to the Lakers rumors are heating up at the NBA pre-draft camp in Chicago according to a guy I’ve never even heard of:

Lets check the qualifications of Gery with one ‘R’. He’s got a legit Wisconsin sports website, he’s got a picture up on the Racine Journal, which looks like a real thing, and he’s got haters on Twitter. This source checks out.

We also get a classic showdown between the old bull vs. young calf:

Say Doc Rivers does leave at some point in time. Is Mike D’Antoni really going to be his replacement? Doesn’t it feel like hiring Doc Rivers all over again? A successful coach from the late 2000s who’s going to install the same system over and over again. It doesn’t really get me off the couch. I know James Harden had his MVP season under D’Antoni, but as we saw in the playoffs, 2018 Harden is gone forever. D’Antoni only has a 54-56 record in the postseason, he’s been below .500 two of the last three places he’s coached, but his playoff career is full of what-ifs. In the  2007 Western Conference Finals Steve Nash gets checked into the scorer’s table. Boris Diaw and Amar’e Stoudemire are ejected for leaving the bench. Chris Paul gets hurt in 2018 with the Rockets up 3-2 over the Warriors. Still not enough what-ifs for me to think this is the answer to getting over the hump.

Look at the coaches in the Conference Finals right now. Ime Udoka, Steve Kerr, and Erik Spoelstra are all on their first team as a head coach. Jason Kidd is only on his second. Why can’t we get some new blood in here? Former Sixers assistants have had success already in Udoka and Monty Williams. Sam Cassell will probably be coaching in the Finals three years from now the way things are going. Instead it feels like Daryl only wants to bring in players, coaches, and CEOs he’s worked with in the past.


Let’s see what Paul has to say: