“You’ve Got to be Kidding Me” – WIP Midday Show Believes Ike Reese Farted Live on Air (UPDATED)

What’s in that Ike Juice?

James Seltzer played a clip on Thursday’s WIP midday show that ALLEGEDLY reveals an Ike Reese fart, live on the air. Listen for yourself:


Jon Ritchie’s laugh is cracking me up. It does indeed sound a trombone, the alleged fart. Key word “alleged.” We’re not saying for sure that Ike farted, and he can always deny it, but the one who denied it supplied it. Also, the one who smelt it dealt it, so that could exonerate Ike. You know what I’m saying?

We’ll see how Ike responds. He must address these accusations. If I were him, I’d just own it. “Yeah I farted, what are you gonna do about it?” And then he picks up Joe “The Hammer” DeCamara and throws him out of the Tastykake studio window. What you can’t do is pull a David Kelleher and say you were tired when it’s clearly obvious that you were totally sloshed at the Sixers game. There’s nothing wrong with being sloshed or farting on the air; just give it to us straight.

One thing Ike could do is take the South Park angle. You don’t want to hold in your farts and spontaneously combust. But you also don’t want to fart so much that you release methane gas that causes global warming. So the answer is to fart in moderation.


Apparently Ike copped to the farting. The reason I didn’t see this is because Ike has me blocked on Twitter and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because of my incessant ripping of Howard and Angelo. But it’s all good with the afternoon show, so maybe I’ll have confront Ike about the blocking. Maybe I’ll call up today and wait in the queue behind OG Wade, Ingy, Chuck from Mount Airy, and that DOPE Andy from Deptford.