Zach Ertz Embroiled in Donut Controversy that Could Upend Arizona’s Season

via @JJWatt on Twitter

JJ Watt took to Twitter to discuss a controversy going on in the Arizona locker room that might stop the Cardinals’ season before it even begins. If you thought Kyler Murray deleting the Cardinals off of his Instagram was bad, just wait until you hear about DonutGate:

A swift “No” from Zach wasn’t enough. He had to tell his side of the story:

First things first, strawberry icing is an ELITE donut. Right up there with the glazed blueberry donut at Dunkin. It’s the Jordan Howard of donuts. Not an every-down donut, but when you need two yards for a first down it packs a punch of flavor and jumpstarts your day.

Alright back to the ruling…

We need to know if JJ asked where he was going to get donuts. It seems like he assumed Zach was going to Dunkin. The box he’s carrying looks like it’s from some mom and pop bakery. If JJ didn’t ask, that’s on him. Dunkin has like 30 selections, but a mom and pop shop might only have 10-15. Now if I was Ertz and I was picking up donuts for my buddies, I would’ve thrown out a courtesy text letting them know they didn’t have the flavor. BUT that is a move that is situational. Like if I was picking up donuts for Kyle Scott I would’ve just had to make an executive decision at that point because getting a hold of that guy is like getting a hold of President. If the donuts were for Kinkead I know I’d most likely get a text back in two minutes. These guys are pro athletes with busy lives and I’m sure there is no way Zach would’ve gotten a quick answer. You can’t just stand around all day in a donut shop waiting for JJ Watt to text you back. I’m going to have to side with Ertz in donutgate especially if JJ never asked where he was going.

P.S. Who orders donuts online? Half the fun is going in and picking them because they’re pre-made. I would understand an order for like four dozen but Ertz had one box in his hand. When you go into the store to pick them out that’s when you discover ones you never knew existed. Sometimes they surprise you with the pumpkin donut in September.