I’ve always said if you’re going to sit in traffic at least entertain me:

One thing I strive to be with you, the reader, is honest. So with that being said, I really just wanted to write this blog so I could throw in the “What is you doin, Terry!” video. It’s a July 4th tradition:

Would anyone be surprised if this truck fire had John Middleton’s fingerprints all over it? You think he’s above hiring his cronies to light a truck full of fireworks on fire just to save a dime? The guy who dug up dirt on his own sister, a recovering alcoholic and lonely woman, so he didn’t have to give her a couple more dollars when he sold his cigar company. The 4th of July tickets for the fireworks show on Friday are already sold. It wouldn’t shock me if the Phillies have to cancel now and tickets were non-refundable. Now Johnny Mids is collecting the insurance money and ticket revenue. Toupees made from the mane of West African lion aren’t going to pay for themselves.