Angelo Cataldi Says Replacement to be Announced Next Month

Angelo Cataldi with a Tuesday morning nugget.

He says WIP management will reveal his replacement next month:

I don’t have any inside information on who is going to replace Angelo, but there’s a lot of scuttlebutt about Joe DeCamara being the frontrunner. That’s just from a sampling off off-the-record talks with people at WIP and in the local media.

Joe, as you know, is one of the rotating WIP hosts who has filled in for Angelo on Wednesdays. Cataldi is working four days a week as he approaches his end-of-year retirement, and so Audacy decided to use a revolving door of different people to see how it goes. My opinion is that Wednesday has been the best morning show day of the week, for obvious reasons.

Others who have filled in include Jon Johnson, Jon Marks, and Joe Giglio. There have been some special guests, like Jason Kelce, but no eye-popping outsider type of people who make you think that they’re gonna go external with the hire. If I had to guess, I’d go -150 that the replacement is internal. We’ll set DeCamara right now as a -110 favorite to land the gig, but again, that’s just based on rumor and speculation.

The big question beyond that:

What happens to Rhea Hughes, Al Morganti, and Keith Jones? Do they finish out their contracts and then take off? Do they stick around? Personal opinion, I think they’re infinitely better with the two Joes and the two Jons because they can just do a normal show and don’t have to deal with Angelo’s incessant fucking bloviating. When Angelo is not there, Rhea/Al/Jonesy level up in a way.

Maybe that’s the smart play by Audacy here. Make the replacement internal, keep the other three in place, and try to keep that train rolling. The morning show is still a beast, hits a specific demographic, and makes a lot of money, so if it ain’t broke, do the least amount of fixing necessary.