Bad News: Philly Union Strike Threatens 4th of July Beer Shortage

via @beccah6abc on twitter

If you live in the Delaware Valley, you better start stocking up on beer, because Local 830, the major union for beer delivery and warehouse distribution is on strike. If this lasts longer than a week there could be a major beer shortage in time for 4th of July:

Per Beccah Hendrickson at

“Teamsters Local 830 – which represents thousands of drivers, warehouse/production workers and sales/marketing personnel in the regional beverage industry – went on strike Sunday against the Delaware Valley Importing Distributors Association, which includes Penn Beer Sales and Service, Origlio Beverages and Muller, Inc.

If the strike continues for more than a week, experts say consumers will likely see an impact on the big American national brands.

The three companies distribute popular beers including Miller products, Coors, Budweiser, and White Claw.

The strike impacts Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery and Chester counties.”

Give these guys whatever the fuck they want. Having a burger with no Miller Lite on 4th of July would be as un-American as putting the Phillies on Peacock on Father’s Day. Hammer this contract out before things get out of hand. Between gas prices, inflation, and nobody having a 401k anymore, the last thing we need taken away is a coping mechanism. We need beer more than anything this weekend:

And listen, I’m pro union, but you know what I like after a 12-hour shift? A good beer:

“Compensation is always an issue, but what’s particularly problematic is the beverage companies’ proposed hours of work for our members — 12-hour shifts for five or six consecutive days,” said Teamsters Local 830 Secretary-Treasurer Daniel H. Grace in a statement. “That’s excessive.”

P.S. No Truly? No Allagash? No Cape May? Pray for Kyle Scott’s beer fridge: