She’s a 10 but she wants to have sex in Qatar.

Qatar doesn’t want you to have sex, but they’re going to get us all horned up by building stadiums you want to put your dick in? Makes no sense. I want to fuck this stadium:

You also can’t be gay or show any signs of public affection, which are also both rules at Catholic grade school dances.

If no sex isn’t enough, add in the fact that there are no more hotel rooms, so World Cup fans have to rent tents in the desert with no air conditioning:

This is the dumbest World Cup of all time. Not only is it in November in the middle of a jam-packed NFL and college football schedule, but it’s denying us a summer of gatherings to watch the boys in the red, white, and blue. There’s little beer and no drugs. Is Qatar the only country where the D.A.R.E program actually worked?

Luckily, none of this will fly in the city of Brotherly Love! It’s going to be an all-out fuck fest when the cup is here in 2026: