Ben Simmons Enjoying Vacation After All of the Hard Work He Put in this Season

practice video screen grab

Let’s check in on Ben Simmons:

You know what? He deserves it. It’s not easy to lounge around playing Call of Duty. Sitting on the Nets bench wearing ridiculous outfits wears you down. Plus, hanging out with your smoke show fiance? Life is hard! Ben really needed a break. A vacation from the vacation. This guy has been on autopilot for the last 12 months now.

Some people have pointed out that fishing is not the best activity for someone who recently had back surgery. Ben had the procedure done in early May, so it’s been almost two months now, but what if he hooks a wicked tuna and then fucks up a Lumbar trying to reel that bad boy in? Trying to reel big fish? These pelagic jawns are heavy! This ain’t the Perkiomen Creek.