Coldplay Delivers the “Fly Eagles Fly” Rendition that Nobody Asked For

Coldplay was at the Linc Wednesday night and they finished their set with “Fly Eagles Fly.” I hope they’ve beefed up the spelling classes since Brexit because last time I checked they don’t spell Eagles E-A-A-L-E-S:

I’m not gonna lie I was the one who posted this on the CB Twitter because I thought it sounded beautiful. I didn’t think I was gonna get immediately cooked. How did I not know this many people hated Coldplay and Chris Martin? –

I guess vacationing in Sea Isle in my early 20s and doing the napkin toss at Dead Dog every weekend has really clouded my judgement on people’s opinion of Coldplay. Don’t care Sparks got me through my high school breakup when I thought I was going to marry the girl l was dating at 16. I’ll scream Yellow from the fucking mountaintops. You’re telling me right now if Paradise came on your Spotify playlist you’re not mouthing Para- Para- Paradise OOOHHHHH OHHHH OHHHH OHH OHHHHH! I don’t believe you.

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