I logged on Friday morning and saw that “Dr. Umar” was trending. As a 37-year-old white guy from Gilbertsville, I obviously had no clue who this was, but Google reveals he’s a Philadelphia native and “Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Certified School Psychologist who is considered an expert on the education and mental health of Afrikan and Afrikan-American children.

With that for background, apparently it was a total violation that he was seen at the Cherry Hill Mall talking to a white woman:

This video has 3.4 million views and 46,000 likes and has been retweeted 14,000 times. Dr. Umar has 177,000 Twitter followers and wrote this in response to the controversy:

“Yes, I was at Cherry Hill Mall today. My iPhone crashed last night and the closest Apple store with an available appointment today was in Jersey. As I was leaving the mall, I stopped at a kiosk to view the incense & crystals. That non-afrikan woman is simply the vendor……”

Wow. Well this does indeed seem like a “big fucking deal,” as Joe Biden once said to Barack Obama. It’s hilarious to me that the guy has to release a statement because he was seen with a white woman, but at this point I’m going to turn it over to Bruce C.T. Wright at Newsone:

“The optics seemingly belied Johnson’s staunch opposition to Black men romantically involved with white women, in particular. Replies to the tweet were replete with commentary suggesting the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pan-Africanism” is a hypocrite.

Opinions about interracial relationships may vary, but Johnson has consistently been adamantly against them. The topic of Black men with white women, in particular, has dominated much of his rhetoric in recent years.

In a legendary interview with Roland Martin in 2017, Johnson said Black men who marry outside of their race don’t care enough about their people to be with a Black woman.”

Okay, I get it. Now I understand why Dr. Umar went on to call out “dusty snowbunny loving betamales” –

Selective editing! Dr. Umar does have a point here. We need the full context. Release the entire video clip!

This is a lot to digest. I’m not sure I totally understand all of it, but I’m now following Dr. Umar on Twitter and later plan to go down a Dr. Umar YouTube rabbit hole. Maybe I’ll even swing by the Cherry Hill Mall and spend 30 minutes looking for somewhere to park before eventually finding a spot near California Pizza Kitchen.

But in truth, part of the reason I wanted to write this story is because I needed to drop this YouTube clip in at the bottom: