Eagles 1st Round Pick Watch: Jameis Winston is Preparing for the Season by Throwing with His Eyes Closed

via @brgridiron on Twitter

This might go down as the best move Howie Roseman ever made. When the Saints grabbed another first rounder for this draft I thought it was guaranteed Mickey Loomis was going to draft a QB with one of his picks.


Instead QB1 is working on his accuracy by throwing with his eyes closed:

If the NFL makes a rule that QBs can only throw with their eyes closed, mark my words – Jameis Winston is going to win the MVP this year. If you ask me what I think he’s going to do with his eyes open, I’d say the Eagles are looking at a top 5 pick. Not to mention, Alvin Kamara is still waiting on discipline from the league after he allegedly kicked the shit out of a guy in Vegas before the Pro Bowl. I can’t believe we get to root for two bumbling idiots two years in a row: