This isn’t taking contracts and non-competes into consideration. This is just me spitballing here. I don’t think they should try to replace Ray Diddy. He’s irreplaceable. A three-person desk of Michael Barkann, Barrett Brooks, and person-to-be-named-later with John Clark from the Linc and Brad Feinberg, the betting guy, could make this hum.

Here’s a clip from the first return episode of Crossing Broadcast which if you didn’t know we’re bringing back and live-streaming every Tuesday and Thursday from 12pm-12:30pm:


Brian Baldinger

via @fingerbaldinger on Twitter

Give me a sweaty Baldy (that sounds like a sexual innuendo for a penis) on Postgame Live getting all hot and bothered by blitz protections. Any guy that can build a cult following making videos of blocking schemes interesting while also teaching you about the game should be on any broadcast. 1-800-callMailata:

Jason Avant

A guy I don’t know if people actually keep tabs on as much as they should. Jason Avant does a podcast with Quintin Mikell and every clip I see of them breaking the game down they always hook me. I have the attention span of a rodent, which makes this even more significant. He’s an authentic former player who bridges that gap nicely from the old school guys who think every one in the NFL today is soft to the new age player who experienced that player empowerment shift in the NFL. Did I mention he’s authentic? –


I’ve always liked Jaws and he’s stood the test of time on ESPN. Yea, he’d come off as a homer because I’m pretty sure he’s an ambassador of the Eagles so he wouldn’t want to kill the team that pays him for appearance fees. Nevertheless, he’d get a lot of use out of this quote this year breaking down Jalen Hurts film:

My favorite Jaws story; I was at a Father’s Day brunch at his club, River Winds. Jaws walks in out of nowhere. Imagine a bunch of dads gravitating towards him like they we’re moths to a light bulb. That dude must’ve shaken 250 hands that day. It’s funny to watch old men turn into a puddle when they see a hero of theirs from childhood.

D Gunn

The dumbest decision NBCS Philly has made, and there have been plenty, was firing Gunner. A media member  beloved in a professional locker room isn’t normal in today’s media environment:

Bring him back and lets get him interviewing Brandon Graham and the guys again.


Just let Roob and Spuds battle it out on Postgame while Michael Barkann eggs them on: