Foul Ball Guy Might Never Return to Citizens Bank Park After Being Terrorized by The Philly Captain

via @philly_captain on twitter

I hate Zack Hample. Plenty of people will say he does a lot for charity. Well so does the NFL, and I wouldn’t let Roger Goodell around my kids either. Foul Ball Guy is like a lantern fly. He’s everywhere just sapping the life out of your stadium with every child he pushes to the ground on his way to catching a million balls in his career. Anyone who feels the need to dive over a family who probably spent $500 on seats for a ball needs to be examined:

The good news is we had The Philly Captain to make sure Zack Hample never does that in Citizens Bank Park ever again:

I don’t know if Foul Ball Guy is going to come back from this. It’s always the simple insults that cut the deepest. Look at this guy. Did he just have his heart ripped out or misplay a Garrett Stubbs foul ball? You can’t tell:

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about Zack Hample at CBP, but hopefully it’ll be the last. Or he’s going to have to answer to Butch from Manayunk again:



Jesus Christ kill it before it breeds:


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