Three Crossing Broad staffers, who will remain anonymous, think that this is gross. One said “ew” and another referred to this as “a war crime.” They are wrong:


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One detractor said “that’s way too much dough to be edible as pizza,” but I disagree. There’s no such thing as too much dough. They eat a version of this in West Virginia and it’s considered a cultural institution. Plus, putting things on top of a pretzel always works. Cheese on a pretzel works. This is kind of like the natural evolution of the bagel bite, but so much better.

If you go to Pretzel Factory and get the pepperoni melt, then you know how good they are. Imagine, then, a local South Philly place doing a non-chain version of this. These look scrum-diddly-umptious. Gimme a hell yeah for the Soft Pretzel Pizza.