If Wawa Doesn’t Drop Gas Prices to $3.99 Per Gallon, I Will Be Forced To Switch Allegiances to Sheetz

Photo Credit: © Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

KINKEAD: I am editing this story with a note from a gas-savvy reader:

“Just FYI, that discounted Sheetz gas (both the varieties — 88 and E85) is extra ethanol compared to regular 87 — you will likely get worse gas mileage. I don’t know if it’s measurable but it is worth mentioning.”

As you were:


Listen, I don’t want to do this, but every man has their breaking point and paying $5 a gallon is mine:

If Wawa doesn’t counter with their own gas discount, we may have to finally call it on the Sheetz vs Wawa debate. I’ll be trading in a hoagie for whatever the hell comes on a Pepperolli’z pizza. Newsflash, Wawa, nobody wants gas from eight tons of mass-produced hoagie. We want eight gallons of gas without foreclosing on our houses:

Give me a Sheetz in Philly. All the Wawas left because of something called “looting.” It’s not the first time someone from Delco found out they couldn’t crack it in the big city. You put a Sheetz in here and stuff it with a couple of workers from Central PA and it’ll hum. The first person that tries to rob the store would end up being hog tied. You know how embarrassing it would be to go viral after some meth head roped you like newborn cattle? Nobody is messing with your store.

Back to the gas –

I’m still in that stage of life where I fill my gas tank halfway unless I’m going on a long trip. Why? That’s just how I used to trick my brain into thinking I was saving money when I was a broke college kid. It’s all about budgeting when you’re driving back and forth from your unpaid internship. You throw $20 (now $40) in there to get half a tank you have that for the week. If I know my gas is low before the end of the week it looks like I’m walking. Could I just fill it up and get two weeks out of it? Maybe, maybe not. Try changing something when you’ve been doing it a certain way most of your life. Shaq understands what I’m talking about and he’s a doctor: