“I’m Hurt by That” – Fanatic Caller Doesn’t Want Fan Fest Tickets (UPDATED)

The Cuz

97.5 the Fanatic’s “Fan Fest” will take place on October 1st.

Tickets are free, but you have to be a listener to get them, like you gotta call a show or participate in General Knowledge Wednesday.

This guy was on Gargano’s show today and initially TURNED DOWN the tickets:

“It’s alright.”


Gotta say, I’ve never heard of anyone turning down Fan Fest tickets. People seem excited to go, and I have to be honest – people do the “Frankfurter Fest” jokes on Twitter because it’s stereotyped as a bunch of white dudes hanging out in a parking lot, but I’ve also never heard of anybody saying they think Fan Fest stinks. Nobody I know has had a bad time down there. It’s just a gathering of sports fans. Guys talking sports. Special guests. You get to meet the radio hosts. Maybe I will call in and attempt to win Fan Fest tickets, or request a credential as a member of the all-important Philadelphia sports media.

Perhaps this caller did Fan Fest once and didn’t feel like he had to do it again. That’s fine, but you can’t leave The Cuz hanging like this. Make up an excuse or tell a lie. Tell him you have a wedding that day, or you’re going to the Temple football game. Tell him you’re going to Sesame Place with the kids. Don’t leave Cuz hanging!


I have spoken to the caller. He is actually a member of the Philadelphia media who says he misspoke on the air. He has contacted The Cuz telling him he appreciated the offer, but did not think he could make Fan Fest since he’ll be covering college sports in October.

This is a positive development here. Problem rectified!

via Beasley/97.5
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