Good afternoon everyone.

We’re happy to announce that Crossing Broadcast is returning as a YouTube show on Tuesday, June 28th, at 12 p.m. We’ll be doing a 30-35 minute rundown every Tuesday and Thursday at high noon.

As you know, the original Crossing Broadcast was a podcast featuring Kyle Scott (the Maestro), Russ, and Adam Lefkoe. Kyle became super-busy with the business side a few years ago, Adam moved on to bigger and better things, and then Russ and I kept the podcast on life support for a little while before going to 610 ESPN and then finally just shelving it. We were doing Snow the Goalie and It’s Always Soccer in Philadelphia in addition to our daily site duties, so we just decided to re-approach this at some point in the future and rebrand as version 3.0.

The result is a new streaming show hosted by Kyle Pagan and featuring myself/Russ/Bob/Anthony/etc and a variety of guests. This is the flagship Crossing Broad show, so we’ll get a rotating cast of characters involved. Nothing crazy from a content standpoint. Basically we want to hammer topics we cover on the site, like Eagles, Phils, Sixers, Flyers, sports media, RADIO WARS, and whatever other goofy shit we publish:

YouTube made a lot of sense because we’re doing more on the visual side now with Kyle’s “man on the street” videos, TikTok creations, and other social offerings. We’ll pull up stories and pictures and other media and riff along the way. This just gives us more flexibility, though we’ll simulcast the audio on the original Crossing Broadcast podcast feed, so you can listen that way if you’d like.

Any suggestions, we’re all ears. See you next week. We’ll do it live! Fuck it!