Is Liam Castellanos the Best Cheater Since the 2017 Astr*s?

via @harpertazo on Twitter

If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying, and boy do I love Liam Castellanos doing everything in his power to pull one out for the Phils yesterday:

Anyone like the Astros and Yankees can cheat in the shadows, but when its so blatantly obvious you just gotta respect it. What’s Rob Manfred going to do? Liam Castellanos would kick his old ass (and my ass too):

If the fat cats behind the plate in the Diamond Club don’t start doing everything to blind the pitcher why are they even there? We used to be a country. A proper country:

Quick Power Rankings of current athlete’s kids in Philly:

1) Liam Castellanos

I love this kid:

2) Krew Harper

Ball go boom. The Phillies go back to back like Castellanos and Bryce do in the lineup:

*3) Gavin Giroux

I know he’s not here anymore but these are my power rankings. Cry about it. Silky fucking mitts already:

4) Paul Reed

Doc’s son:


5) Arthur Embiid

All this kid does is cry and shit his pants: