It’s June and Miles Sanders Already Delivered the Eagles’ “Dream Team” Quote

via Youtube

Two rules when you’re in the Eagles organization –

You don’t go to Kenny Chesney concerts and you never admit that the team is going to be unstoppable. Miles Sanders committed one of those cardinal sins Tuesday:

Pack it up! The season was good while it lasted. We made it until June. You never mention that the Eagles are going to be a Dream Team, an All-Star team, “unstoppable,” or anything like that. Anyone who asks about the season, tell them you have a lot of weapons and you’re looking forward to the explosiveness of the offense, but can’t predict anything. All you know is you’re going to keep your head down and work hard every day.

Get your win total UNDER tickets and buckle up, because this is going to be a long season. The Eagles never play well when the expectations are high.