Jason Kelce and Jordan Mailata Dominated Sea Isle in Beer Pong, Flip Cup, and Life

screen show via Twitter

On Wednesday, Jason Kelce, Jordan Mailata, and Travis Kelce were at the OD in Sea Isle to raise money for the Eagles Autism Foundation:

First off, letting a newly single Travis Kelce run wild around Sea Isle is like letting a hungry bear loose on a bunch of Knicks fans covered in honey and locking all the doors of the Garden. Especially after he proclaimed himself the horniest tight end in the league:

Nobody was safe in flip cup either. Two-thirds of this crew are Super Bowl champs and the way they celebrated you would’ve thought a flip cup win could have topped the “Career highlights and awards” section of their Wikipedia pages:

Listen, we’ve all gotten our asses kicked in flip cup. I’m almost 10 years out of college and me playing against Sigma Nu’s 10th best guy is like Byung-hyun Kim throwing submarines belt-high to Barry Bonds. It looks something like this:

Complete domination.

Jordan Mailata showed off those golden pipes while pulling a pro move and changing the lyrics from “Cowboy” to “Eagle” mid song:

Is Jordan Mailata a one-hit wonder? It looks like he might be relegated to the guy that people only want to hear sing Wanted Dead or Alive because he did it on The Masked Singer. It’s like if Blind Melon tried to play some new shit. Play No Rain and keep it moving. We only want 80s Jovi.

Following these guys’ day was awesome! Not just because they raised a bunch of money for charity, but because we got to see what they’re actually like. Nowadays with cameras and social media the modern day professional athlete is typically more reserved and guarded. We definitely didn’t help with that. Ever read Morning Carts? But to see these dudes not giving a fuck and Eagles fans making memories for a lifetime was awesome.