It’s hard to imagine the Villanova Wildcats not being coached by Jay Wright, but here we are in 2022.

Wright is 60 years old, which results in two observations. First, he looks great for his age. He looks like he’s 42. Second, 60 is still relatively young for the big program college coaches, though Wright says he doesn’t want to coach anywhere else (via Jon Rothstein and FanDuel):

When asked Monday on the College Hoops Today Podcast if he could ever see himself coaching at another college program other than Villanova, Wright gave the following emphatic response: “Definitely not. I’m committed to Villanova and working with Father Peter Donohue — our President — outside of basketball with the athletic department, with our capital campaign. These are new things for me that are exciting. I want to keep Villanova strong — I wouldn’t want to do that (coaching) at another university.”

I believe him. Coaches go back on their word all the time, but for whatever reason, I don’t think Wright is the type of guy to do that. If he does go anywhere else, maybe he gets bored and misses the game of basketball, then does the NBA jump, but there might be a shelf life on that. I’d think he has to do that in 3-4 years or else his name comes off most GM and owner wish lists.

The Sixers make a lot of sense if Doc Rivers can’t get this team over the hump, but I’d honestly love to see what he can do with a young team like the Pistons, Magic, Rockets, or Thunder. Walk into a job where you’re coaching hungry 22 year olds and not the big egos.

Also, The Maestro started writing a Jay Wright farewell post and never finished it, so maybe we can get him to wrap it up so we can publish that bad boy. I read part of it and it was good, so we gotta compel him to git r done.