Lane Johnson Says Jason Kelce Once Injured His Foot in a Failed Attempt to Kick Him in the Nuts

Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe you had to read that headline twice, but it’s accurate.

Lane Johnson went on Rich Eisen’s show last week and told a story about Jason Kelce trying to kick him in the balls:

So to review here:

  1. Johnson hid Kelce’s helmet at practice
  2. Kelce couldn’t find it, so he the coaches both became frustrated
  3. Kelce runs at Johnson and attempts to kick him in the nuts
  4. he misses and hits kneecap instead
  5. then leaves practice to get an MRI

Johnson went on to say that Kelce had only bruised his foot, but had to miss the rest of the day because of that. He mentions this was during his rookie year, so that would have been 2013. Kelce was drafted in 2011, so he was going into his third season, though that was Chip’s first year.

But listen – we’ve all been there before. Sometimes you become annoyed with a friend or teammate, so you run up to them at full speed and try to kick them in the balls. But you miss and bruise your foot and need to go get an MRI.

It happens.

Good podcast though, you can listen to the full thing here (h/t Dave Zangaro for the find) –