Malcolm Jenkins was on Kevin Hart’s Cold As Balls show where he talked about being disappointed in not getting his moment on the Super Bowl podium that night:


(You can find the entire trophy presentation here because the NFL won’t let you embed any YouTube videos into the site)

I think Malcolm’s gripe is fair. The captain of the football team typically should be on the podium celebrating. The only problem is the NFL builds these small-ass stages for the trophy presentation:

via 2018 Lombardi Trophy Celebration

via 2019 Lombardi Trophy Celebration/USA Today

via 2022 Lombardi Trophy Celebration/USA Today

You could just be like the Chiefs and cram as many members of the team you can on there. Or maybe some of the front office people or the children and wives of coaches and players shouldn’t be up there. I know everyone sacrifices for a Super Bowl, but you didn’t put blood, sweat, and tears into the season. Like who’s this twerp getting prime real estate? This kid got up on stage over Malcolm and Brandon Graham?


It is hard to argue that if the Eagles had to pick three players, Zach Ertz, Nick Foles, and Carson Wentz were the obvious choices. You have the Super Bowl MVP, the guy who caught the game-winning touchdown, and at the time the future franchise QB who had an MVP season before his injury. The trophy presentation is always clunky. Dan Patrick rushed those questions, there was an awkward Lurie moment where he wanted to dedicate the trophy, and then you had the Kevin Hart stuff playing out down below:

Here’s the full episode with Malcolm Jenkins and Kevin Hart if you want to check it out: