Michael Rubin Selling HBSE Stake

from Rubin's Instagram

This one had been rumored for a bit, but officially now Michael Rubin is selling his stake in Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment and will no longer be a Sixers co-owner.

Two quotes, first from David Blitzer:

“Michael is a visionary who has played an integral role in helping us grow and position HBSE for future success. He has been an incredible business partner and friend over the last 11 years and his instincts, work ethic, passion, and ability to bring people together have helped establish him as one of the industry’s most influential and successful leaders. Michael has used those same attributes to help us evolve and grow, all while becoming a driver of positive, inspiring change in our communities. As he prepares for this new chapter in his career, I’m excited to watch Michael further revolutionize the Fanatics business, unlocking its full potential by connecting sports fans from around the world through a multitude of new platforms and verticals.”

And from Josh Harris:

“Given Michael’s tremendous success growing Fanatics into a global platform, across every major sport, his decision doesn’t come as a surprise. I am so grateful for his years of partnership. His fierce passion, entrepreneurial mindset and steadfast commitment to doing the right thing have left an indelible mark on the Sixers organization. Michael will always be a member of our HBSE and Sixers family, continue to be a presence courtside and a key partner in our collective commitment to be a force for good in Philadelphia.”

No surprises here, I don’t think. Rubin is huge now. Fanatics is a monstrosity. He’s doing very well for himself and can go pursue a bazillion things. Say what you will about people on the “money side” of things, but Rubin was very dedicated to the Sixers and was close with Joel Embiid and some of the other players. He was very generous with his money and resources during the COVID pandemic and always dialed-in to the community. He brought many rappers to games and formed an alliance with Bob Kraft and others, which fought for prison reform and other social justice causes.

Fanatics is going TO THE MOON. We’re very interested to see what’s next for him.

EDIT 1: legal tampering!

EDIT 2: here’s a statement from Rubin –

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