Nicolas Aube-Kubel won the Stanley Cup with the Avalanche on Sunday night.

While skating back to the group with the trophy, he took a spill and put a dent in the thing:

Amazing. I love how he just goes with the flow. Just continues the motion right into a pose with his left hand up in the air. You have to assume that nobody saw you fall on your ass and just go about your business.

NAK was drafted by the Flyers back in 2014. He played a few seasons here and then was waived and claimed by Colorado, where he went on to log 22 points this regular season. He didn’t tally a goal or assist in 14 playoff games, but he’s a Stanley Cup champion, so good for him.

The Flyers will be the next to lift Lord Stanley’s Cup. You heard it here first. We’re ending the drought with TORTS at the helm.

(when NAK falls and dents the Cup) –