Phillies news:

Both played on the 1980 World Series team, but was Bake McBride even here long enough to qualify for this? He played 4.5 seasons with the Phils, but really did have a fantastic 1980 campaign. He hit .309 and knocked in 87 runs during the regular season, then logged a .838 OPS in the World Series with a big homer, five RBI, and seven hits in 23 at-bats.

Ron Reed pitched eight relief seasons in Philly and put up a 3.06 ERA during that time. He pitched 32 innings over 22 playoff games from 1976 to 1983 and had a 5.06 ERA. He pitched two innings in the World Series and is credited with a save.

People seem a little confused by these additions. If both are worthy of the Phillies WOF, then it would seem like every borderline member of the 2008 team deserves to be on there as well. We’re talking So Taguchi and Eric Bruntlett here. Maybe the solution is to not have to induct somebody everybody year, but then people would complain about that as well. My suggestion is they add Dan Baker then start on the 07-11 squad. Whatever with the rules.