OMG THE DRAMA! I haven’t been this tuned in to the whereabouts and happenings of Mikey Miss since Eagles security had to separate him and Josh Innes at training camp!

According to super-secret Crossing Broad sources, plus our crack team of researchers and help from, you can see Mike doesn’t follow Tyrone Johnson or Hunter Brody, who are set to take over for him. Can we say this is a page out of Kyler Murray’s book if Mike doesn’t technically have a contract? –


If you don’t believe the good people over at, the #1 trusted source in follower sleuthing, take CTRL-F’s word for it. Mike only follows 277 people so it’s easy to scan through:


On the other hand, you can do a quick CTRL-F and find Jen Scordo almost immediately:

Now Mike did congratulate Tyrone on Wednesday but didn’t tag him:

Some of the 97.5 people who haven’t made the chopping block:

  • Bob Cooney
  • Jen Scordo
  • Eric “Coach” Camille
  • Haley Taylor (producer)
  • 97.5 The Fanatic main account
  • Ricky Bo
  • John Kincade
  • Choonis
  • Devon Givens
  • Cuz

The only one that sticks out to me is no Jamie Lynch. Is Jamie the third man, like Hulk Hogan at Bash at the Beach when Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash formed NWO? If so, Tyrone, and I know you’re reading this, send us a signal and play the NWO theme song coming back from commercial today. It’ll be our little secret:

UPDATE: We’ve got ourselves a twofer! You unfollow me? NO I UNFOLLOW YOU!


Mike is disputing this –

I’m not sure what this means. I think Mike is using the wrong terminology here. You can’t have somebody on “notifications” if you don’t follow them. It’s not an option. You have to be following them in order to turn notifications on. Maybe he meant to use the word “feed” instead, like he would see Tyrone’s stuff pop up on his timeline via other people’s responses or retweets, but the way he explains it here does not make sense.

Regardless, he’s being replaced by his producer and two other guys, neither one follows the other on Twitter, and this obviously was in the works for some time, so Mike and Tyrone could be cool, but the transition is still really awkward and messy.