Report: Brett Brown Returning to San Antonio Spurs

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

From this guy:

Cool if true. Hammon left for the WNBA and the Spurs just traded Dejounte Murray and are going to begin a rebuild.

Brett spent the last two years just sort of hanging out in the region. People would spot him up in the Lower Merion area, where I believe his son was playing basketball. Could be wrong but I will double check on that.

Say what you will about Brett, but he was a good dude. He had a unique offense. Watching his teams was infinitely more fun than watching Doc’s slow-ass, boring-ass post-up teams. Rivers hasn’t gotten the Sixers any further than Brett did, which is what he was brought in here to do, so that’s probably the wackiest part of all of this. Brett taking the #3 seed in 2019 to seven games against the champs was better than Doc going to seven games at home as a #1 and losing to the Hawks.

Firing Brett was still the right move, because that whole thing just ran its course. Seven years is a long time, and you felt like the team plateaued at that point. They needed a reset coming off the 2020 crap year and bubble sweep.