There’s a new boss coming to the Wells Fargo Center and he’s going to be part of more sell outs than Bruce Springsteen could ever dream of.

Rick Ross commented on Michael Rubin’s farewell Instagram post that he wants to buy his Sixers stake:

The Sixers are going to need a new jersey sponsor because just found their ass firmly placed on the hot seat:

You know what happened after Rick Ross called out the crypto market? It tanked! Crypto heard Rozay calling its name and packed its bags. This is what we call influence:

I want the mmmmmmmMaybach music soundbite to play after every three, I want 600 Benz on volume 11 during a timeout during the biggest part of the game, and I want 30 Wingstops around the Wells Fargo Center. If I walk three sections and I don’t pass a Wingstop I’m filing a complaint.  Also Meek will still be front row. This is the easiest transition of power since Comcast stole the Flyers from the Sniders.