Ump show in the college ranks:

This entire thing pisses me off.

First off, don’t touch the players. Leave the players alone. There’s zero reason for an official in any sport to touch a player unless they are trying to break up a fight or something along those lines.

Second, this guy is watching his home run for how long? Two seconds? Three seconds? If he looked at the pitcher, took his time gloating, and then did an Odubel Herrera bat flip, then I could understand people being annoyed. But the ump is getting in there before the sequence is even completed, which just makes the whole thing look goofy, like he’s jumping the gun.

Bottom line, sports should be fun. This player is looking at the home run the entire way. He doesn’t turn towards the opposing dugout or the pitcher. He doesn’t point at anyone or antagonize. Let the kids play, and if the other team takes it the wrong way and throws at the dude when he comes up again, then you step in and issue a warning. Just don’t insert yourself unless you really have to. And don’t touch the players.