RIP Tony Siragusa, aka “Goose,” aka Frankie Cortese

Robert Hanashiro / USA TODAY NETWORK

RIP to New Jersey native Tony Siragusa, who passed away Wednesday at the age of 55.

He was a Super Bowl winner with the Baltimore Ravens and went on to have a successful post-playing career, working as a broadcaster and dabbling in other things as well, like when he appeared as “Frankie Cortese” on a few episodes of The Sopranos:

“You know what to do down there!”

Loved that scene.

55 is way too young to die. No cause of death released right now, at least not that I’ve seen. “Goose” was a fun-loving sideline guy and definitely brought something different to those broadcasts. He just had a big personality.

On the field, you probably know him best as the anchor for that awesome 2000 Ravens defense. Look at this roster:

Good God. They only gave up 970 rushing yards that year. Look at all of the interceptions and fumble recoveries. They had 49 takeaways and only allowed 165 points all season, if you can believe it. I remember watching that team play and it was just incredible what they were doing on defense, made even more impressive by how pedestrian the offense was. Defense really does win championships, or at least it used to.

RIP Goose.

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