Rumor Squashing: Mike Golic Says He Has NOT Been in Contact with 94 WIP (UPDATED)

via Twitter

I mentioned on Twitter last week and on Crossing Broadcast yesterday that Mike Golic’s name keeps coming up in discussions about replacing Angelo Cataldi at 94 WIP.

These are mostly on background/casual discussions, like “hey you hearing anything?” I’ve spoken to four WIP people who mentioned Golic specifically, and two of them were convinced this was definitely happening, but the whole thing felt very weird to me, so we went right to the source:

That settles it then. Former Philadelphia Eagle and national radio veteran Mike Golic is not replacing Angelo.

But what about Mike Golic’s son? He did ESPN Radio up until February of this year and then started a daily podcast with DraftKings. If he’s doing that, I can’t imagine he’d be able to do WIP, nor do I know if Jr. has or would be contacted, but at least we’ve squashed one half of this rumor.

EDIT – we have also squashed that half:

I think what happened here is that this got passed around the 94 WIP echo chamber. Someone probably heard the name “Golic” and then told it to two other people, then those two people passed it to four people, etc. It took on a life of its own, like the Mind Flayer from Stranger Things, forcing a local blogger to “effort” information as to whether this rumor was true or not. All it really takes is one person with bad info to get the ball rolling.

On a more serious note, this suggests to me that nobody over there has a clue what’s going on. Nobody outside of Rod Lakin, David Yadgaroff, and David Field, that is. This is quite possibly a good job by Audacy here of keeping things under wraps, whether it’s inadvertent or by design. Fascinating stuff here!

BTW if you’re reading this but ignoring my correspondence, get at me dog. You know who you are.