Ryan Howard’s Team Issues Statement on Dropped First Pitch From Miles Teller

via @MLB on twitter

Wednesday night, Miles Teller threw out the first pitch to Ryan Howard to celebrate his bobblehead night at the Phillies game.

Breaking news – Howard still isn’t a Gold Glover:

The ol’ “look at the glove after I make an error” move. A true classic up there with the humiliation injury:

It was so bad even Ryan Howard’s son roasted him:

Which led to Howard’s team having to release a statement through his son:

Couple things here:

Why is Ranger Suarez’s glove not broken in? Who doesn’t immediately buy a new glove, put a ball in the pocket, wrap a bungee cord around it and stick it under your mattress? I kind of love the confidence from Ranger that he thinks his stuff is so unhittable he doesn’t need to worry about fielding. Secondly, the only time as a society we should allow a guy over 16 to bring a glove to the ballpark is if he’s a former MVP catching the first pitch.

P.S. This is the closest I ever want to see Ryan Howard in a Red Sox  jersey: