Temple’s Brandon Matthews Qualifies for U.S. Open

via @BrandonTracker on Twitter

Temple University, a golf school, will be represented at the 122nd U.S. Open next week. Brandon Matthews is making his major debut in Brookline, Mass:

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If you’re not rooting for Brandon Matthews next week, can you even call yourself a Philly guy? This is a true underdog story. The guy has been gutting it out on the Web.com, Korn Ferry, and Latinoamerica Tours for the last six years. Grinding through injuries and swing changes after having one of the most decorated careers in Temple history. He’s an A+ dude, too. You might remember the story of a fan with down syndrome making a loud noise during a golfer’s backswing during the playoff of a tournament to get into the Open. That was Matthews. Instead of condemning the patron he found out the guy had down syndrome and checked on him to make sure he was ok. The whole moment made SVPs “One Big Thing” segment: