Temporary Graphics Update: The Mike Missanelli Show is Now “The Afternoon Show”

h/t Jason DeMasi

Welcome to “The Afternoon Show” –

Nice job updating the TV guide there by NBC Sports Philadelphia owner Comcast-Spectacor. You would figure they’d be on top of this, but FIOS is a little behind still:

If you tuned in on Wednesday, you saw that 97.5 the Fanatic had Tyrone Johnson, Jen Scordo, and Tom Alvord up there. Jen did updates and Tom produced the show. Same thing Thursday, and it’ll likely be a configuration like this until Hunter Brody and Ricky Bo come in. That’s what we reported on Tuesday night, though I have to do some follow ups here. I gotta work the phones. Shoe leather journalism, like Taylor what’s-her-face and the lady who created the Libs of TikTok Twitter account. Maybe I’ll start knocking on doors.

But for real, this thing is mostly at the finish line I believe. Gotta dot an I, cross a T, stuff like that. Ricky Bo will apparently work from a studio NBC is building at their HQ.

I think what most people want to know is what REALLY happened with Mike’s contract, so maybe I’ll “effort” that instead. The people want answers, and I’ll be honest – getting Mike-related info is a total headache. Toxic gaslighting and obfuscation at every turn. Give me the weekend to recover and rest up and then we’ll pound the pavement Monday. It’s coverage you can count on.