I’ve seen mostly positive reviews for Hustle from people around Philadelphia, which is the biggest win for Netflix if you ask me. The Sixers were the main plot of the movie, and we got this behind-the-scenes look at Tobias Harris, Matisse Thybulle, and Tyrese Maxey filming last season:

After watching this, I think Adam Sandler’s next project on Netflix might be him and Harris in a buddy cop movie. Poor Boban getting cucked in 4K:



How about Matisse’s awareness level? Imagine coming to a realization that there are more special effects in Hollywood movies than your YouTube video:



What an enigma that guy is. Honestly, I think the reason he didn’t get vaxxed is because he probably forgot what day his second dose was and instead he blamed it on him growing up in a holistic family because he was too embarrassed to tell the truth. We all have five friends like Matisse. They’d rather make up an entire story about why they missed your birthday than just say, “Hey I fucked up.”

This isn’t even Doc Rivers acting. This is what every end of game huddle looked like the entire season:

Here’s my quick review of Hustle nobody asked for:

Overall it was good. I thought they did a good job with the Philadelphia imagery and thought Juancho Hernangomez is up there with the acting chops of Ray Allen in He Got Game. I did have a hard time believing a 5’7 Jewish kid played for John Chaney during the pinnacle of Temple basketball. Anthony Edwards is the star of the film and he’s only in it for 10 minutes. But if you think this was better than Uncut Gems, which I’ve seen some people compare it to, you’re a lunatic. That was two hours of constant anxiety inducing drama that I didn’t know if I was going to throw up or never bet on a game again in my entire life. I give it 75% using the Rotten Tomatoes scale.