This Six Year Old Being Surprised with Tickets to His First Phillies Game Will Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

via @beautymark_warrior on TikTok

A mom surprised her six-year-old son with tickets to his first Phillies game:


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I’m not smiling ear-to-ear! You’re smiling ear-to-ear! The “I’m so happy right now” made my cold, dead heart grow 1/2 a size larger. Rob Manfred is running around his office pulling his hair out trying to find a way to grow the game. Did he ever think maybe giving kids tickets was the answer?

BaSEbAlL iS Too sLoW! Look at this kid dialed in:


Reply to @physteechic he really did. ❤️⚾️🧢#gophillies #MakeNightsEpic #baseball #disabilitytiktok

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Now listen, some would say this woman should have CPS called on her for subjecting her kid to this life of suffering. Not many teams have the illustrious franchise history of making the playoffs 14 times in 132 seasons, which means once the Phillies make the playoffs this year this kid won’t see October baseball until he’s heading off to college if we’re playing the law of averages. But no one said being a Phillies fan is easy. Sometimes your team blows a heartbreaker because your bullpen sucks for the 11th-straight year. Other days a 150 pound backup catcher is going to hit a walk off homerun and invent the bat spike.

No one said being a Phillies fan was going to be easy, but they did say it was going to be exciting.

This is a BIG six year old. You think he likes Dollar Dog Night? I’m thinking he can house at least five in nine innings. We’re going to need everyone if we’re going to break the CBP record: