EDIT – Holy shit:


Let’s get it back to college sports:

This is the dumbest shit ever. UCLA and USC are in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is not a Big 10 town. These are not Midwest teams. I know money rules college sports but can we at least have some geographical boundaries here that make sense? This is worse than when TCU was gonna join the Big East and also worse than Texas and Oklahoma going to the SEC.

I guess we just have to admit to ourselves that big super conferences are the future. “This is the way,” as the Mandalorians would say. The SEC expanded to 16 and the Big 10 currently has 14, so adding the LA teams would also bring them to 16. Then the PAC 12 goes and raids the WAC or some shit just like the Big 12 went to the American for UCF, Cincy, and Houston.

This is what your new-look Big 10 would look like:

  1. Indiana
  2. Maryland
  3. Rutgers
  4. Michigan
  5. Michigan State
  6. Ohio State
  7. Penn State
  8. Purdue
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Iowa
  11. Nebraska
  12. Minnesota
  13. Northwestern
  14. Illinois
  15. UCLA
  16. USC

So much for that “alliance” between the PAC 12, Big 10, and ACC. What about the Rose Bowl? What does Notre Dame do now? This shit never ends. I hate conference realignment. Serenity now!