I don’t even know if a basketball game happened last night because all the Warriors could focus on after Game 3 was how mean Boston Celtics fans were:

How does a “Fuck You Draymond” chant bother that you go to Instagram to weigh in?

Oh the horror! Not the children! So your kid learned a few new words. He’s heard worse in a Fortnite lobby than anything in Boston last night.

Warriors fans would never! –

Look at these animals throwing things at Charles Barkley:

Is the worst argument going right now from an athlete or their significant other, “How would you like it if they showed up to your work to boo you?” There are only two thoughts that would cross my mind if that actually happened. First our security here blows. Second that’s an all time story I have forever.

“Did I ever tell you about the time I was on the phone with a client and Jalen Hurts walked in and just started cussing me out? “

“How did it end?”

“My client asked me if that was Jalen Hurts because he came in his store last week and did the same thing.”

How can you not crack up at that visual?