Woj: In James Harden’s Mind, Opting Out Gives Sixers “Financial Flexibility”

via ESPN

As we wait for James Harden’s decision on whether to opt in or sign the max, Woj dropped this little nugget on SportsCenter:

If James Harden is committed to winning like he says he is, he’ll take market value. It’s also the risk the Sixers took on trading for Harden, so I guess you have to give him credit for reportedly thinking about taking less instead of being a prick and demanding the max. Whatever they do, it seems like it’ll be an exciting summer between their interest in Tucker being the worst kept secret (other than Jalen Brunson to the Knicks), moving Matisse Thybulle, and getting off the contracts of Tobias Harris or Furkan Korkmaz.

Sidenote: Did anyone know that Furk is making the fourth-highest money on the team this season?

via Sixers Basketball Reference page 

One thing to keep in mind is Woj doesn’t have the greatest track record over the last six months with Harden news. Remember he said the Harden trade wasn’t close and Windy was the guy who brought us to the Deal Zone: