Alec Bohm, Mickey Moniak, and Garrett Stubbs Played Wiffle Ball with Phillies Fans Down the Shore

via u/Zyoy on Reddit

This has to be enough karma for some additional percentage points to Mickey Moniak’s batting average.

Reddit user u/Zyoy shared this photo of Mickey, Alec Bohm, and Garrett Stubbs playing wiffle ball with some fans down the shore:

I think the Garett Stubbs story is way more impressive than Mark Appel making it to the big leagues last week. This dude clocks in at 170 soaking wet with a caved in chest and is posting a .917 OPS when J.T. Realmuto needs an off day. Appel chucks it 97 mph. Not to mention as a former #1 overall pick you get way more opportunities to fail than an eighth round selection does. If you didn’t know Stubbs played pro ball, you’d think he’s one of the fans Bohm and Mick stopped to play with.

According to u/Zyoy, this was on the beaches of Wildwood. Easily the best beach to play a game of Wiffle Ball, with vast amounts of land. Just watch out for the needles.

P.S. Why does Bohm’s left shoulder look like the breasts on the head of Kevin Nealon’s character in Little Nicky? –