Asante Samuel was on the I AM ATHLETE podcast and talked about his time with the 2011 Eagles Dream Team, the reason behind his trade, and immediately knowing Nnamdi Asomugha was a bust. It all starts at 23:20:

Here’s the Nnamdi story:

So, the first day of practice Asomugha gets burned on a corner post by Brent Celek? Jesus Christ. Love that blockhead, but he’s not exactly Antonio Gates out there. You have to think Nnamdi started eating lunch in his car right after that. Guy just signed a 5-year/$60 million deal and he’s getting burnt by a blocking tight end. That team was exactly how Samuel described it: “Playing fantasy football with the owner’s money.”

I thought the most interesting part from that conversation was the behind the scenes stuff about Samuel’s mom and why the Eagles inevitably dealt him. If you remember the Birds only got a 7th rounder for him in a trade to the Falcons partly because Andy Reid worked out a deal with a team on Asante’s preferred list so he could be with his mom. Which honestly makes this wrestling promo he cut after his return to the Linc kind of bullshit. But that was Asante. He talked a lot of trash, and his play always backed it up: