Straight from the horse’s mouth. JJ Redick, who has played in basketball purgatories like Orlando and New Orleans, knows that Philly is the greatest sports town in America. Minus the sports radio of course:

That sound you hear is Tyrone Johnson adding another person on Twitter to his blocked list. He’s got more items on that thing than a CVS receipt.

It’s funny to picture JJ driving from Brooklyn to Camden for practice, waiting for that spot on his commute where the WIP radio signal is finally in radius, just to hear Angelo Cataldi bemoan Joel Embiid after a schedule loss to the Hornets on a Tuesday in January. I’m sure JJ’s thoughts have a lot to do with he and Spike Eskin’s back and forth because of that one time he spurned RTRS for Derek Bodner’s podcast. I remember that like it was yesterday, because that was in the early days of COVID and we were locked in our places just looking for anything to react to.

Let’s not bury the lede though, because this is the greatest sports city in America. JJ was here when the Eagles won the Super Bowl. He knows first hand nobody on that team will ever pay for a beer in Philly ever again. That 2019 team with Jimmy, Joel, him, and Ben was special. I’d argue they could have competed with the popularity of the 2008 Phillies if they had won it all. He spent enough time here to know Philly fans are as passionate and knowledgeable as they come. Though I’d argue there are just as many fans who are idiots and this week proves it. Lets list everything we’ve freaked out on as a fanbase in the last two days:

  • Derrick Gunn’s OTA comments
  • Tony DeAngelo
  • The Phillies vax situation
  • Oskar Lindblom buyout
  • Zack Wheeler’s All Star Snub

In some cities that is a week of programming. In Philly we call that a Monday. That’s passion and the athletes who understand the boos aren’t from a place of malice are the ones who connect with this city the most. We just want you to play hard and give a fuck. It’s not that hard to play here.

I’m trying to think who will react to JJ’s “delusional” sports talk radio comments the hardest and make an entire segment out of it. Cataldi and that show won’t care enough to put out more than a poll on Twitter. DeCamara and Richie might make a little bit of a fuss about it even though Richie probably agrees being a former athlete in this city. Gargano might go on a “Et tu JJ?” for the ages dressed in Caesar robe and funny little laurel wreath in his hair. My guess who the winner will be is Marks and Reese. Maybe Jack Fritz will do a “5 at 5” with the topic, “The five biggest betrayals from a former Philly athlete in my lifetime.”