UPDATE: Eagles Release Video Teasing Black Helmet Release

via @eagles on Twitter

Twitter notifications officially activated:

How do you take back the headlines from the Sixers new stadium release? HELMET RELEASE! These better be good. I can’t take more discourse on social media like we just experienced yesterday. Jerry from Broomall thinks Center City is Gotham. The Jets just released there helmets a few minutes ago so we might be getting an influx today:

There have been some solid releases so far this off-season:

Dallas sucks, but these are clean:

EDIT – They’re here:


That’s it? That’s all we get from the Eagles social media team? A nine second DeVonta Smith video with a transition you’d see on TikTok? The funniest part about it is in the video the light hitting the helmet actually makes it look like the Midnight Green ones:

I like the helmet don’t get me wrong, but this sucked compared to other NFC East teams. I know this was a jersey/helmet reveal from the Giants but they killed the reveal:

Even the Cowboys threw some highlights on their reveal at least. This Eagles reveal felt like they forgot it was today so they quickly ran a helmet out to DeVonta to record a video: